Personalised removals service

Personalised removals service

Grafton Country Removals is a point-to-point, personalised furniture removals service. Anything you need done we can do it for you. It is all about making your move easy and stress free. We are trusted with your personal belongings in our truck so we understand how you feel.

We take care of everything down to the finest detail such as making sure any gas tanks are empty. Any little thing you can think of we take into consideration when moving your belongings. Safety is important to the company and ensures your goods arrive safely at their destination.

Removalists you can trust

Before loading your furniture into the truck, we package everything individually with our moving blankets. We are pedantic about keeping everything clean. You want your possessions to arrive at their destination clean and in the same good condition they left in.

All our equipment is kept in top condition so we can take care of your goods. Our goal is to ensure that you only receive top level service.

When we arrive at your destination, you can inspect your belongings as we unload them to satisfy yourself that nothing is damaged.

Removalists you can trust
Grafton Country Removals

Furniture placement

Some people, especially the elderly, need help with moving their furniture around. We are here to help you with that in each room. Once we leave, we know that your furniture is completely set up in your new home.

Then all you need to do is unpack your personal belongings. This makes life so much easier as you do not need to worry about moving your furniture around later on.

Storage solutions

If you need storage, we can organise this for you. We have a working relationship with a storage company and can arrange safe, clean storage for your goods.

We also know of other good storage facilities if you need to store your furniture. When you need recommendations for storage, talk to us and we will be happy to assist with your request.

Storage solutions

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Are you looking for an experienced, reliable furniture removalist? Talk to Grafton Country Removals. We go anywhere, any time.
We work quickly, efficiently and safely to move your belongings to your new destination.

Our unmatched skills and more than 21 years’ experience means we deliver high quality removalist and relocation services. We are the furniture removalists you can trust:

  • In operation since 2001
  • Local, family owned business
  • Caring, reliable service
  • Packing and unpacking available
  • Talk to us about storage

Grafton Country Removals believe in safety first and efficiency. We only use the best quality equipment to help us deliver the top quality service you deserve. Our professional equipment includes heavy-duty packing blankets, trolleys, tools required to dismantle and reassemble your furniture and more.

Contact us now for a quote no matter your location. Either call us on 0429 426 937 or fill in the form and we will get back to you.

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